Annual Report

Grasmere Village Water Precinct
2020 Annual Report

The year 2020 was interrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak. We had planned on continuing with upgrading our regular, indoor water meters. Except for emergencies, we did not enter any private homes during this year. However, we upgraded our outdoor commercial meters and brought them into best practice compliance.

Hydrant maintenance was completed as that was all outdoors or could be serviced in the pump house with just the water operator in attendance. Any hydrant in need was repaired and brought into compliance.

Our upcoming plans for 2021 are to upgrade the wiring of the pump house on Juniper Drive. A spare pump has been ordered for the pump house and is waiting for any possible emergency to be installed if any of the regular pumps break down.

We will also be upgrading and installing new water meters in Landmark Lane condos in late Spring, providing each unit with their own water shut-off.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Daniels, Clerk