History of Grasmere Village Water Precinct

Photo credit: gotopinardville.com

A group of concerned citizens in the Grasmere region, including some business owners, had an opportunity to join with Manchester Water Works in forming a water distribution precinct and extending public water and fire safety for Grasmere from Manchester’s water source, at the time, Lake Massabesic. At that time, water in the lake was tested only in the summer with two or three tests a week!

On August 6, 1948, W.E. Perrault, George A. Carr (Selectman) and James M. George of Goffstown posted an attested copy of the warrant at the Town Hall and a like copy at the store of Walter Miles, a public place and the Grasmere Village Water Precinct was born.

Pursuant to the application of Myron D. Paige and eleven legal voters of the Grasmere Village, they met and fixed the boundaries of the water precinct, including the village, to be known as the Grasmere Village Water Precinct. The following boundaries of the Precinct as established according to law and the State Legislature:

Beginning at the Westerly boundary of the Hillsborough County Farm where it crosses the Mast Road, so called, said boundary line to extend 500 feet Southerly from the said Mast Road and running parallel with the said Mast Road in a Westerly direction to the Easterly boundary of the Connecticut River Power Co.’s right-of-way thence following said right of way in a Northerly across the Piscataquog River to a point 500 feet North of the Back Road so called and running parallel with said Back Road in a Northerly and Easterly direction through the Grasmere Village a point 500 feet Easterly from the junction of said Back Road and the Tirrell Hill Road, thence Southerly across the Piscataquog River to the Hillsborough County Farm line as first mentioned.